Our work is to help and enable smallholder farmers and farmers’ organizations access to sustainability in agricultural production in response to bad needs of food demands. Why farmers need you and would you like to do something for them?

Your sponsorship is very much needed!

Your donation or gift to CFAP Cambodia is very valuable and needed as we are working directly with small scale producer farmers and farmers’ organizations/Cooperatives in rural poor areas in Cambodia. Your sponsorship can help us continue working for farmers and rural poors. You can deposit your donation to support our projects via A/C as follow:

1300-00-231667-2-4 in the name of CFAP-Cambodia

You can state your donation or gift by stating “gift” or “project donation” in a monthly or yearly basis as you wanted.

In behalf of CFAP Cambodia, we would like to thank you for your donations and gift to help us continue working for farmers and farmers’ organizations in Cambodia.