About CFAP


The Cambodian Farmers Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP Cambodia) previously known as the Cambodian Farmer Association Federation of Agricultural Producers found in 2002 and the association has reformulated its working policy accordingly with respect to organizational growth, needs of members as cooperatives and producer associations and laws in Cambodia. The association firstly registered with the ministry of interior (MOI) on 25th May 2007 with registered number 583SJN, In 2010 the association had amended her statute and re-registered on 4th February 2010 with registered number 216SJN and thirdly on 9th February 2018 following the new laws on Association and NGO that were enacted by the national assembly which required all associations/NGOs to re-register. CFAP Cambodia registered with No.564 PRAKOR.

Previously CFAP Cambodia found by nine farmers’ associations in Svay Rieng province+ with active facilitation led by Mr. SOK Sotha. The association has transited its way of working accordingly into a membership driven base association. In this reporting period, the association has 26FOs as member (03producer associations and 23 cooperatives) represents 12 (twelve) provinces and municipality in Cambodia. CFAP has a total member of 21,138 households which 9,769 households lead by women (46%) in 173 villages, 50 communes/Sangkat, 26 districts. CFAP also has about 105,690 individual farmer members, which 54,959 female (52%) both direct and indirect beneficiaries.

CFAP Cambodia is specialized on vegetable production, rice production, animal production, business plan development, entrepreneurship, leadership, strengthening of local capacity builder (LCB) and strengthening of farmers’ organization with respect to humanity, friendly agriculture and environment. CFAP currently focused on:-

(1). Agriculture
(2). Climate Change
(3). Policy Advocacy
(4). Value Chain, and
(5). Contract Farming

2).First Vice Chairperson is responsible for finance,
3). Second Vice Chairperson is responsible for programs,
4). Third Vice Chairperson is responsible for organisational information dissemination, and
5). Forth Vice Chairperson is responsible for note taking and reports.

1). Head of management