CFAP Mission

"Strengthening Farmers' Organisations is key to reach sustainable agriculture, healthy food, and sustainable environment". CFAP helps protecting farmers and the farming communities from a wide range of factors that directly threaten the lives, livelihoods, and dignity of human beings in the rural society in Cambodia.

CFAP Mission

-FOs’ Institutional strengthening Forward sustainability -Strengthen and Foster the Rural Communities in the Framework of Standing in Social Justice, Equity and Mutual Autonomy in Good Collaboration with Stakeholders Such as Donors, Development Agencies and the Government. -Help Farmers and Peasants to get access to Income properly from Agriculture, Non-agriculture and Handicraft with clear market. -Facilitate the member organizations to get access to work in the COOPERATIVE MANNER, thus to enable them to create their principles, regulations and other code of conducts to serve the interests and benefits for their own interests of members

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