Events and meetings 2019

01 January,2019 : New Year's Day
07 January,2019 : Victory Over Genocide Day
08-12 January,2019 : Study Visits of farmer leaders to see Seed Bank in Thailand
17 January,2019 : Forum on Partnership Between the RGC and Civil Society Organisations in Phnom Penh
19 January,2019 : Global Forum on Food and Agriculture (GFFA) in Berlin, Germany
20 January,2019 : SCH Agricultural Cooperative General Assembly
29 January,2019 : Strategic Planning Training in Phnom Penh
01 February,2019 : 3rd Best Paddy Competition, Phnom Penh
19 February,2019 : Meak Bochea
08 March,2019 :International Women's Day
12 March,2019 :TA Meeting between Boards and Head of Management to organise CFAP's Annual General Assembly in Svay Rieng
19 March,2019 : Monthly Meeting of AIMS's Project Hub3 in Siem Reap
29 March,2019 : CFAP 7th General Assembly in Svay Rieng
3-5 April,2019 : TOT Training on vegetable production to key extension workers at FOs level in Phnom Penh
8-10 April,2019 : TOT Training on Chicken production to key extension workers at FOs level in Phnom Penh
10-12 April,2019 : National Impact Assessment of MTCP2-Cambodia in Siem Reap
14-16 April,2019 : Khmer New Year's Day
19 April,2019 : Technical Working Group on Agriculture and Water (TWGAW) in Phnom Penh
25 April,2019 : Meeting to disseminate a registration office to vote for a chamber of commerce (COC) in Svay Rieng Region
01 May,2019 : International Labour Day
02 May,2019 : National Steering Committee Meeting of MTCP2-Cambodia in Siem Reap
3-6 May,2019 : Business Planning Training in Siem Reap
9 May,2019 : Forum on Partnsership Between Svay Rieng's Governor's office with Civil Society Organisation in Svay Rieng
13-15 May,2019 : King's Birthday
18 May,2019 : Visak Bochea Day
20 May,2019 : Day of Remembrance
22 May,2019 : Royal Plowing Ceremony
21-24 May,2019 : World Farmers' Organisation General Assembly, Luxembour
27-29 May,2019 : Global Lauching of the UN Decade of Family Farming in Rome, Italy
01 June,2019 : International Children's Day
18 June,2019 : King Mother's Birthday
10-12 July,2019 : Mekong Knowledge and Learning Fair in Bangkok, Thailand
30-31 July,2019 : ASEAN Guidelines on Responsive Investment on Food, Agriculture and Forestry in Bangkok, Thailand
24 September,2019 : Constitutional Day
27-29 September,2019 : Pchum Ben Festival
2 October,2019 : World Economic Forum Investment Facilitation Workshop, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
8-11 October,2019 : WTO Public Forum, Geneva, Switzerland
15 October,2019 :Commemoration Day of King's Father
23 October,2019 : Paris Peace Agreements Day
29 October,2019 : King's Coronation Day
09 November,2019 : Independence Day
10-12 November,2019 : Water Festival Ceremony
10 December,2019 : International Human Rights Day