Events and meetings 2017

10 January,2017 : Facilitated cooperative work of Peam Metrey Agricultural Development Cooperative in Romeashaek District ,Svay Rieng Province
21-26 January,2017 : Training on Food Processing,Svay Rieng Province
31 January,2017 : CFAP Monthly Meeting
20 February,2017 :Extraordinary Board Meeting,Svay Rieng Province
28 February,2017 : CFAP Monthly Meeting
03 March,2017 : Meeting at FEDA with PDA,Svay Rieng Province
31 March,2017 : CFAP Monthly Meeting
20-29 April,2017 : Visit FOs in MTCP2 network (CFAP-Cambodia),11​​ Provinces
28 April,2017 : CFAP Monthly Meeting
05 May,2017 : Training To trainer,Svay Rieng Province
13 May,2017 : Meeting with WATHANA PICH Co.LTD and KHY THAY Corperation Co.Ltd ,Svay Rieng Province
17 May,2017 : Meeting to review internal working policy to ensure that all activities,Svay Rieng Province
31 May,2017 : CFAP Monthly Meeting
02 June,2017 : Extraordinary meeting of the executive committee of CFAP,Svay Rieng Province
30 June,2017 :CFAP Monthly Meeting
07 July,2017 : Workshop to review on collaboration opportunity of farmer organizations,Phnom Penh
31 July,2017 : CFAP Monthly Meeting
09-11 August,2017 : Mission to follow up small scale farmers AC,Svay Rieng Province
16 August,2017 : CFAP th19 Executive committee meeting,Svay Rieng Province
31 August,2017 : CFAP Monthly Meeting
29 September,2017 : CFAP Monthly Meeting
12 October,2017 : Meeting with boards,Svay Rieng Province
21 October,2017 : Meeting with CFAP’s boards to prepare meeting to review FOs profiles,Svay Rieng Province
31 October,2017 : CFAP Monthly Meeting
10 November,2017 : Meeting with 5 federation at FAEC office,Phnom Penh
13 November,2017 : Meeting to Review Fos Profile,Phnom Penh
15 November,2017 : CFAP's Executive committee meeting to review on internal working policy and making amendent of some articales,Svay Rieng Province
16 November,2017 : Workshop on capacity buiding of value chain team for target province to execute accelerating inclusive market for smallholders,Khmera Hotel, Battambong(AIMs)
20 November,2017 : Kickoff meeting of the Accelerating Inclusive Markets for Smallholders (AIMS),Phnom Penh
27 November,2017 : First general assembly of the national fermer organization federation forum (NF3),Phnom Penh
25 December,2017 : The 6th CFAP General Assembly (GA),Svay Rieng Province