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Agricultural diversification make changed!

picture2Mao Vet is a farmer live in Svay Chrum village, Svay Chrum commune, Svay Chrum district, Svay Rieng Province, aged 55 years old and his wife Ngin Nhor, aged 50 yeas old. Both of them are members of CFAP with Svay Chrum Agricultural Cooperative. They have five children three boy and two girl, but four children got married and live in separated houses. Only one child is studying at grade night and in his burden. The Mediuam Term Cooperation Programme MTCP2 Cambodia came to their village in 2014. In 2016, his family recived technical training on anial rearing and advisory support on business planning in a rotation system for a year round. CFAP funded by MTCP2 provided advisory support additionally on creation of small pig rearing in an enterprise model that can enable small scale farmers grow in a year round with simple economic analysis that could enable farmers to understand. Using of a revolving fund is recommended strongly by CFAP to her members and FOs as members to ensure that farmers and their associations/coops are sustainable in the future. In the past, he used to borrow money from MFI to extend his pig rearing, however it does not profit well about the interest rate from MFI was very high i.e. from 24% to 30% per year, sometimes he loss after repayment to MFI and feeding costs. According to high interest rate of borrowing money from MFI, lots of smallholder farmers were in debt in Cambodia. To see this, the Royal Government of Cambodia has changed policy in term of financial institution to set up the maximum rate of not more than 18% per year from April onward.
In the past, he used to raise few pigs in traditional practice with high risk as he doesn’t know of how to take care and treat them when they have health problems. His pigs sometimes die, especially in dry season as the temperature has changed quickly between day time and night time, so the death rate of pigs is also high. Pigs do not grow well, it is too slow compared to new practice. Vet is proud that he and his wife have gained knowledge on pig rearing in a year round. He started from few to 13piglets, and now he has 20 pigs. Every four month, he sell about 1,000Kg. Even though, he talked sadly that the price is not very expensive at farm gate i.e. only about 7000KHR/Kg or USD1.75/Kg for live pig while the pork price at end market is between 15000-18000KHR/Kg or USD3.75 to USD4.5/Kg.
In rainy season, the Vet’s also grows rice with his 0.5ha of rice field, raise some poultries like chicken and ducks to earn additional incomes to support the family. Moreover, he has a small rice mill machine to serve rice milling service to other farmers in the village. He also brew white wine for sale and supply to restaurants and market in Phnom Penh and the waste of brewing materials is used for animals feed. With this experience of integrated farming businesses, we come to conclude that agricultural diversification make changes for rural farmers’ living condition.

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