Rural Food Security Programme-CRSFP-2007

• Project no: 06cam-9904
• Contract no: 06cam-4604-07at-1133

Overall objective:
The aim of this project is to contribute the poverty alleviation towards the food security in the 40 villages through diversifying agro-ecology and other sustainable farming practices and linking farmers to the market and support small scale agro-enterprises of gender group by the good governance of the decentralization and co-decentralization management and strategies on all CamFAD activities with the sustainable rural development.

All project components are mutual beneficial to each other in order to increase the agricultural production and livestock production through the training in incorporation appropriate techniques. The increasing agricultural productions will increase or stabilize the real incomes generation and food consumption.

Specific Objectives

  1. Provide training and relevant facilities to increase appropriate techniques of agricultural production; livestock production; aquaculture production and food production.
  2. Diversifying income generation, food entitlements and minimize the hunger gape period.
  3. Strengthening the livelihoods of vulnerable households.

The specific objectives and services provided:

  1. Increase the agricultural outputs and income generation through seeds, breed stocks distribution and cash provisions and training in improved / appropriate agricultural; livestock and aquaculture practices especially the support to the gender group on agro-enterprises activities.
  2. Broaden household incomes portfolios by enabling access to livestock and training in breeding.
  3. Increase the quality and capacity of market activities by doing the market agricultural productivities assessment for every month and justifying the beneficiaries’ agricultural activities to fit to the market demands to be in time of market requirement.
  4. Create the rural markets for farmers’ products.

Key Activities

In response to the above problems and to reach to the CamFAD objectives, this project proposal will cover the keys activities as follows:

  1. Provide training of appropriate agricultural techniques of sustainable management; with mainstreaming of gender and natural resources and environment especially on the activities of fruit tree production, multi-purpose tree, seasonal rice production, household vegetable production and the appropriate agricultural products processing techniques for the income generation and improve the nutritious intake.
  2. Provide training of appropriate livestock production of sustainable management; with mainstreaming of gender and natural resources and environment especially on the activities of pigs’ production, chicken production, cattle/buffalo production, animal health-care and fish production for the income generation.
  3. Providing of cash as the start up inputs to the gender group on supporting to the small scale of agro-enterprises activities.
  4. Support the marketing information and calendar of agricultural production justification to the target beneficiaries.
  5. Subsidized distribution of seeds sales of selected hardy and highly nutritious vegetables as the start up inputs.
  6. Subsidized distribution of piglets, chicken, fingerlings with the good breed as the start up inputs.
  7. Conducted the animal vaccination campaign in the province.
  8. Organized the study tour inside and outside of the province to the beneficiaries.
  9. Organized the reflection workshop, which amalgamates between the direct beneficiaries and indirect beneficiaries (member and non member).