Medium Term Cooperation Programme (MTCP) 2010-2012

1. Letter of Agreement no. Contract no. LoA/RAP/2010/40 (2010)
2. Letter of Agreement no. LoA/RAP/2011/22  (2011)
(Letter of Agreement between FAO and CFAP as the national implementing agency NIA)

A. Objective(s)

Building and strengthening the capacity of FOs/RPOs and their network through mapping data base) of each FOs expected to be involved in the Medium Term Cooperation Programme (MTCP) grants by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) through the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAORAP) and the Cambodian farmers Association Federation of Agricultural producers (CFAP). This will improve the network of FOs throughout IFAD country members, so that farmers can get access to a national dialogue with multi-stakeholders such as development agencies, governments to serve the interest of farmers in the future. Overall objectives are: (a) develop FOs institutional capacities, (b) strengthen the involvement of FOs in national, regional and global policy process and (c) enhance the involvement of FOs in IFAD’s country programmes in the region. This mapping activity will help the National Working Group in identifying FOs/RPOs who will be invited to the National Farmers’ Forum base on the definition used in this programme.
-Identified and described key local FOs/Community base in the country as well as provincial existing groups
-Describe the existing socio-economical political context and support of government to FOs/CBOs/ Cooperatives, associations and poor farmers and their organizations in the country

B. Significance/Relevance:

1. from the FOs who participated in the mapping, the current national Working Group will identify: 
   -Invited those in the list of mapping to form part of the national working group tasked to prepare and implement the first MTCP national farmers’ forum
2. Plan the first MTCP national farmers’ forum given the current country context and identified priority concerns in the mapping exercise.

C. Outline for country mapping

Analysis of country mapping will be a significant input in the strengthening of the National Farmers’ Forum. It will include the listing of major farmers’ organization, CBOs in the country including the dynamic among the farmers sector.

The country mapping shall follow the following outline:

1. General country context
          – General geographical and demographical description
          – Overall development and poverty feature
          – Importance of the agricultural sector
          – Division of resources and income distribution (including social inclusion and gender)
          – Government policies and economic stability

2. Agricultural development arena (institutional analysis)
          – Institutional analyze of main actors (including RPOs) and agricultural service supplier (extension, research, financial services)

3. Presence and institutional context of rural people organizations (RPOs)
          – History, Presence, Function and Scope (Typology) of activities of RPOs
          – Existing Legal Framework for functioning of RPOs
          – Institutional setting and linkages of RPOs
          – Trends and Developments

4. Analysis
          – Brief SWOT analysis of the farmers’ organization in the country
          – Dynamics among farmers’ organization
          – Strategies of other agri-agencies and relevant development partners

5. Conclusions and Recommendations
          – Assessment of the Global Farmers’ Forum thrust in the context of the country’s reality
          – Recommendations/ Potentials for the platform

D. Purpose 1 (2010)

          i)    Mapping of FOs in Cambodia
          ii)   Conduct of National Farmers Forum Consultation
          iii)  Hold National Farmers Forum Steering Committee (Advisory Board) Meeting
          iv)  Coordination of National Activities
          v)   Conduct of National Research and Studies on Priority Themes
          vi)  Conduct of Institutional profiling of IFAD-FO partners
          vii) Strengthening Involvement of FOs in IFAD Country Program Activities

E. Purpose 2 (2011)

The activities for which the funds provided by FAO under this Agreement shall be used are the following:

          i)    Conduct of  second national farmers’ forum consultation  in Cambodia
          ii)   Conduct of National Farmers’ Forum  Steering Committee meetings (National Advisory Committee)
          iii)  Conduct of national capacity building  activities for FOs
          iv)  Coordination of national MTCP activities
          v)   Conduct of  national policy workshop
          vi)  Strengthening involvement of FOs in IFAD Country Program Activities
          (Hereinafter referred to as the “activities”).