Sok Sotha is a founder and managing director of the Cambodian Farmer Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP). He did his Bachelor degree, Faculty of Art Humanity and Language at Human Resource University (HRU) in Phnom Penh and one year regional leadership for change for Asia. He did many types of specific training courses from hard to soft skills such as Education, Organizational management, M&E, Research and Leadership+. Sotha is specialized in Farmers’ organizations base development, Policy development for farmers’ organizations, Strategic Development, Education, Management and Leadership+.

In 2003 he worked for the EU mission as an Assistant and Interpreter/Translator of the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU.EOM), the Election of National Assembly in Cambodia.

During the 38th world farmers’ congress in June 2008 he was elected as the vice regional president of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) in Warsaw, Poland for Asia. He represents FOs led in Cambodia with other FOs in Asia and the Pacific to participate in negotiation between national farmers’ organizations and IFAD under the developing of the so called Medium Term Collaboration Programme (MTCP) since 2005 until 13 May 2009, final agreement between stakeholders and IFAD. He is the one who initiated firstly the federation of farmers’ organizations in Cambodia and continuing active role to involve FOs at the nationwide.

He was elected as the chairman for South East Asia Plus China of the IFAD Medium Term Cooperation program (MTCP) in Bangkok, Thailand on 8th December 2011 by Steering Committee members.

Under his management, CFAP has become a member of the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) established by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) in 2004 to serve as coordinating bodies and dialogue mechanisms. With the support of a Secretariat, they bring together Government, development partners and civil society representatives to support the attainment of national development goals set out in the Rectangular Strategy, NSDP and associated sector, thematic and reform program of the Government.

He is also a farmer of himself which his family has 2.5ha of rice field and 350sq meters of multiple home garden and 5000sq meters of rice of his own.