The Cambodian Farmer Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP) established in 2002, the association has reformulated its working policy accordingly based on development and needs to serve the interests of smallholder farmers live in the rural areas in Cambodia. The association registered with the Cambodia Ministry of Interior (MOI) on 25th May 2007 with registered number 583SJN, and then in 2010 the association had amended its statute and re-registered with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) on 4th February, 2010 with a registered number 216SJN under article 42 of the national constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Due requirements by new laws on Association and NGO which was enacted by the national assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia which the laws required the existing Cambodian Associations and NGOs to re-register, therefore on 9th February 2018 CFAP had registered with the Cambodia Ministry of Interior (MOI) again with registered number 564 PRAKOR. Previously the Cambodian Farmer Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP) found by nine producers’ associations in Svay Rieng province with 1820 farmer members, 910 females (50%), geographically in the South East of Cambodia,105.7938183,15z?hl=en. At that time, the association worked to represent smallholder farmers at the provincial level only, and then the association is known to other producers’ associations and agricultural cooperatives at the nation wide accordingly through CFAP’s activities with smallholders.

currently, CFAP has a total member of 21,138 households which 9,769 households lead by women (46%) in 173 villages, 50 communes/Sangkat, 26 districts. CFAP also has about 105,690 individual farmer members, which 54,959 female (52%) both direct and indirect beneficiaries and many other smallholders as beneficiaries of the projects funded by development agencies and foreign government such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands through Agriterra, Development organizations and financial institutions such as SNV, GRET, Rabobank Foundation, IFAD, Malenia Foundation and other partners included private sector.

CFAP Cambodia is specialized on farmers' organisation. CFAP currently focuses on:-

(1). Education/Capacity building
(2). Institutional Strengthening (Farmers' organizations and Agricultural Cooperatives)
(3). Climate Change
(4). Value Chains
(5). Policy Participation and Advocacy

The association is active in participation in policy participation, advocacy for farmers, facilitation to strengthen national farmers' organisation platform (NFOP) in Cambodia, networking with relevant stakeholders, and involvement of farmers’ organizations (producer associations and agricultural cooperatives) in other development programmes. CFAP also participates actively in other meetings at sub-national, national and international levels to speak in behalf of farmers and smallholders. The organization aims to build the capacity of farmers’ organisations and agricultural cooperatives as members to become professional service providers in place to their farmer members directly in the future. CFAP plays key role to engage agriculture in businesses, therefore it is required to educate and strengthen the capacity of farmers and farmers’ organizations and agricultural cooperatives. Many rural and smallholders have low and irregular incomes because their livelihoods depend almost exclusively on low-yielding rice, vegetable, crops and animals production with no and or very limited access to technical skills, water for irrigation, capital, markets, rural infrastructure and electricity. Fluctuating of rice, vegetable, crops and animals prices as well as disparities in incomes and high rate of interest charges from the financial institutions (Bank/MFI) in Cambodia mean that rural poor farming families are trapped in constant debt and facing problems of falling under the poverty at all times.