We realized that "unity is a key for peace and development" in this regard, CFAP has set up its mission clearly to helps strengthening farmers and farming communities in Cambodia because 80% of the total population in Cambodia live in rural areas and depend much on agriculture to survive the family. Not many farmers and rural people are skillful on agriculture, economy, digitalization and communication. Further, CFAP helps protecting farmers and the farming communities from a wide range of factors that directly threaten the lives, livelihoods and dignity of human beings in the rural society in Cambodia.

We need support from individuals, fellow farmers' organisations and cooperatives in developed countries, private sector, governments, development agencies and financial institution to assist us to implement our work plan with farmers and farming communities effectively.
Your generous donation to CFAP Cambodia as farmers' organisation is very valuable and needed by small farmers live in the rural poor and vulnerable areas in Cambodia and they needed your sponsorship. Your sponsorship can help smallholder farmers live in rural Cambodia to improve their lives and livelihoods better.

You can deposit your donation to support our activities via Account No. below:
Account Number: 1300-00-231667-2-4
Account name: CFAP-Cambodia

You can state your donation as you wanted by stating “donation” as follow:-
1). Education/Capacity building
2). Strengthening agricultural cooperatives and farmers' organisations
3). Climate change
4). Policy participation and Advocacy

We would like to thank you very much for your generous donations to help us to continue our action plans with smallholders in Cambodia while farmers are facing challenges affected by Covid-19 additionally to the climate change and in needs of direct funding support from individuals, private sector, development agencies, government and farmers' organizations in developed world to revitalize the organizations and agricultural practices to ensure the sustainable agriculture, safe food and improved quality of lives and livelihoods of the rural farming communities in Cambodia. CFAP is a non-profit organisation.