Workshop on the ASEAN Guidelines on Responsive Investment on Food, Agriculture and Forestry

CFAP’s managing director, Sok Sotha participated in the ASEAN Guidelines on Responsible Investment on Food, Agriculture and Forestry under the theme “Operationalizing the Action Plan held in Bangkok, Thailand from 30-31 July 2019 which participated by 65 participants come from the Government, International Development Organisations such as FAO, SDC, IISD, ASEAN, Producers’ Organisations, Civil Society Organisation, Private Sector and Research Institutions. 

CFAP’s head of management and lead founder participated in the two days workshop. The workshop aimed to operationalize the guidelines with Responsible Agricultural Investment in ASEAN:- 1). Contribute to food security, food safety, and better nutrition, 2). Contribute to sustainable, equitable, and inclusive economic development and poverty eradication, 3). Contribute to equality, engagement and empowerment for women, young people, indigenous people and marginalized groups, 4). Respect tenure of land, fisheries and forests as well as access to water, 5). Contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources, especially forests, 6). Support sustainable and appropriate technologies and practice for resource efficient, productive,  and safe FAF system, 7). Increase resilience to climate change, natural disasters, and other shocks while contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation, 8). Respect the rules of law and incorporate inclusive and transparent governance structures, processes and grievance mechanism, 9). Assess and address impacts of responsible investment FAF and promote accountability, 10). Strengthen regional approaches to responsible investment  in FAF in ASEAN.

We hope all the relevant stakeholders can work together to reach the ASEAN guidelines on Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI) to meet fair investment in the region. The voice of farmers and people live in rural areas should be consider highly and positively for sustainability development.