The climakers!

In a coffee shop today, though the cities and or town centers where there is no coffee plants, but we heard everybody is talking about climate change in different ways i.e. those who live in rural areas talked about flood, drought, shallow lakes, shallow rivers and shallow canals as well as decreasing of biodiversity in a worrying manner which instead by increasing of pests and diseases etc, market issues, issues of contract farming while those live in the cities talked about high temperature (too much hotter), the cities are hotter and hotter, stuffy weather and cities pollution etc.

The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) adopted new agenda to enhance the position of the farmers in the Global Political Discussion on Climate Change. In this regard, We would request the national government, the regional organisations and the world leaders to please consider highly to involve farmers’ organisations in your development programs at national, regional and global levels. Please do not wait, we needed your support today for our young generation in the future. Please put farmers in the center of development.

So, please join together to have achieved our goal for better lives on earth by taking care of our planet and environment.