Strengthen the capacity of CFAP members’ organizations to engage agriculture in business to overcome challenges affected by climate changes and Covid-19!

The Cambodian Farmer Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP) organized a specific training course for its members’ organizations (agricultural cooperatives and producers’ associations). The training aimed to strengthen the capacity of members’ organizations on TOT and Entrepreneurship to ensure that members’ organizations are capable to engage agriculture in businesses, thus to walk through and overcome challenges affected by climate changes and Covid-19.

We believe that the global goal by 2030 will not be achieved without strong farmers’ organisations participation. In this regard, we would also ask the international development agencies to consider highly to help building strong farmers’ organisations to be capable to provide services directly to farmer members thus to accelerate agricultural production and markets. We need more direct funding than in the past to support farmers and farming communities at national level.

“By farmers for farmers and farming communities forward sustainable agriculture, safe food and better livelihoods of the rural people”.

In this first training course, there are more than 40 trainees come from 16 members’ organizations in 8 provinces in Cambodia participated in the training course.