Small Scale Farmer needed to sharpen and increase produces for main income of the family!

Multiple farming practices of a family farmer of course provided multiple results for small scale family farmer to survive, even though it is hard to attract traders and or big buyers. So, it would be good if smallholders can sharpen their farming from multiple production to one or two specialized crops production for market supply and main income of the family.

The Saboeurn’s family is one of the small scale farmer as a member of CFAP in Svay Rieng province is still active to raise chicken for sale monthly since 2009 till present. Her family received a technical training on poultries rearing from CFAP included vaccination in 2009. Today, at least 15Kg to 20Kg of chicken sold monthly from her small scale farm plot to local market with the whole sale price of 15000KHR (local currency) per Kilogram or USD3.75.