On Monday October, 02 2017 the Cambodian Farmer Association Federation of Agricultural Producers (CFAP-Cambodia) organized an extraordinary meeting with board members represent 11 provinces/cities in Cambodia to conclude the results of IFAD MTCP2 SIS Mission for the Medium Term Cooperation Programme 2.

FOs as members required 1/. Contract Farming, 2/. collection points at FOs level, 3/. Processing, Packaging, Transportation and market supply nationally and internationally, 4/. Warehouse/storage, 5/. Development fund package from international development agencies and government directly to FOs, not through NGOs, 6/. Loan from banks with low interest rate 3-5%/Year, 7/. Representatives of the FOs should be invited to participate in project development on irrigation system with relevant stakeholders, and 8/. Institutional strengthening, especially on financial management at FOs level.