It’s time to revise and re think to ensure a sustainable agriculture in rural Cambodia!

Why do we need to help smallholders live in the rural areas in developing and least developed countries?

Smallholders in rural areas in Cambodia are key food producers to feed people all kinds of people from the rural farming communities themselves to neighborhoods, poor, medium and also rich people at country, region and globe.

Even they are key food producers, but they themselves also consumers and they are facing hunger and malnutrition. Smallholders represent large numbers in Asia and they contribute actively and everyday not only food producing, but also rural economic development and growth.

Now we exactly need to strengthen smallholders on capacity building (education and vocation), markets linking (drive by farmers) and opinions exchanges with multi stakeholders included policy makers, these are key to ensure a sustainable agriculture, healthy food, better livelihoods of rural farming communities and their family farmers.

# It’s time to revise and re think!