How can small scale farmers make mutual interaction between multi agricultural products!

Mrs. PREAP CHANTHY, a farmer lives in THMEY village, THMEY commune, Toek CHHUO district, Kampot province. She is a member of Roup Roum Samakee Rong Roeurng Agricultural Cooperative as CFAP’s member in Kampot province. CHANTHY got interested in multi agricultural production i.e. from paddy rice to livestock and poultries. Similarly to other small scale farmer, her family faces problems provoked by the COVID-19 and climate change with quick changes of weather conditions which are not easy to adapt to the changes for small scale farmers and a like.

On 25 December 2020 her family received a net house from the project AFOSP-MTCP2-Cambodia as she is a member of CFAP as part of the national farmers’ organization platform (NFOP) to improve her vegetable production for household consumption and sales to consumers. Now, she can sells her multi products such as vegetables and backyard chicken to the floating markets (weekly market) of the Accelerating Inclusive Markets for Smallholders (AIMS) funded by IFAD and the Government of Cambodia which CFAP is providing a value chain experts to the programme for one hub amongst the three hubs in Cambodia. Through CFAP’s orientation and introduction to all members’ organizations in Cambodia about the opportunity to sell their produces, therefore got opportunity from that.

CHANTHY grows multi leave and root vegetables which are resilient to climate change that can help to protect crops from threats of pests, diseases, poultries and animals. She grows in integrated agroecological practices and climate smart agriculture (CSA) by using a mutual interaction between natural compost product come from animals manure and vegetable production. Her vegetables are safe and healthy for consumers and sell well at the weekly market. As she is active in agriculture, especially on her small scale and multi crops she will expand farming into businesses and relevant small scale businesses in the future to help other farmer members within her farming community.

CHANTHY appreciates the net house for vegetable growing because it can help small scale farmers with limited labor force to take care and threats of other elements and thanks to the AFOSP-MTCP2 (IFAD, EU and SDC) to support small scale farmers to continue and work on small scale farms to support the family.