How agroecological practices can overcome challenges on climate change and nature restoration!

Small farmers in Cambodia are comparing between climate smart agriculture practices and agroecological practices before making decision whether to apply both practices or finding the best way that can integrate to improve agricultural production with resilience for the rural farming communities while farmers, especially small farmers are facing problems with climate change, high temperature, poor soil and water issues.

Small farmers generally they can not get access to main water source and or irrigation systems to grow their crops/vegetables regularly in a year round and they depend much on rain fall, ground water and or household pond granted by donors to continue their farming activities while many canals do not have water for irrigation in dry season (Nov-Apr) and it is flooded in rainy season (May-Oct).

Today, CFAP is strengthening small farmers on agroecological practices and to engage them with market value chains and contract agreements with local traders to ensure a sustainable agriculture.