CFAP Youth Empowerment!

The Cambodian Farmer Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP Cambodia) focused on 1). Institutional strengthening though building the capacity of farmers’ associations/agricultural cooperatives, men, women and youth to become professional service providers and or extension workers to farmer members and clients, 2). Policy Advocacy and Participation, 3). AGRI-Business and Value Chain, 4). Climate Change, 5). Contract Farming. Further, the association is active in participation in policy development, networking and value chain with relevant stakeholders including traders, and involvement of the sub-national farmers’ organisations (SNFOs) and agricultural cooperatives as members and non-members in other development programmes.

To improve sustainable agricultural production in Cambodia in particular vegetable production, therefore the Cambodian Farmers Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP Cambodia) continues to strengthen smallholders as members to produce qualitative produces for sale regularly to collection points at the sub-national farmers’ organisations and cooperatives, big buyers in the region and markets in Phnom Penh. In order to meet the sustainability of producers and producers’ associations/agricultural cooperatives, CFAP has planned to 1). Develop production plans for farmers and producer associations/agricultural cooperatives as members, 2). Provide technical training and advisory support to farmer members on how to use organic fertilizer for vegetable and rice production, 3). Provide training on CANVAS business model to producers’ associations/agricultural cooperatives as members.

CFAP has strong working strategy to empower youth in agriculture through capacity building on leadership for young leaders, participation in agricultural development programme, coaching post graduated students to become effective service providers and or extension workers, encouraging youth to have higher position within the association such as board members, executive secretary, leaders of associations/cooperatives, Agri-Business Advisors, Local Capacity Builders and members of various specialised working groups nationally and internationally.

GYMNASIUM is one of the most important programmes to build the capacity of future leaders in agriculture. Youth is encouraged to participate in high level events in collaboration with Private sector, UN agencies, Universities, Governments and Development partners. CFAP has clear policy to empower youth female in participation in agriculture of about 20% at all level and women in agriculture of about 40%. In general, CFAP has targeted 60% of women to participate in agriculture at all levels (producer level, staff member level, senior staff member level and board level).