Engagement farmers with businesses helps ensuring sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods!

Small farmers as CFAP members in Cambodia get interested in using organic fertilizer produced by their own agricultural cooperative society from existing materials that can find in the villages to improve soil quality for vegetable and rice production.

To accelerate our purposes of engagement farmers with businesses, we need to collaborate with stakeholders such as development partners, private sector included financial institutions and scientists to ensure the sustainability of farmers and their rural work, especially small farmers in agriculture. Small farmers, especially women in Cambodia are very active in agriculture and as key food producers, they represent about 80% of the total population in Cambodia.

Base on our experiences in rural development and hiccup policy of the government for farmers, farmers’ organisations and farming communities on economy and transformation of farmers’ organisations into a financial institution etc…, we learned that engagement farmers and farmers’ organisations in businesses is the best option forward sustainable agriculture and help improving better livelihoods for the rural farmers and farming communities to live with dignity and to avoid from various threatening to the rural lives in the future.