A Resilient Food Future: Scaling Digital Climate Advisory Services for Impact. Building the resilience of 300 million small scale producers by 2030. CFAP’s founder and managing director Sok Sotha addresses at the World Resources Institute on Webinar of how DCAS can help small scale farmers.

According to the developed paper of the World Resources Institute (WRI), the Blueprint report, the DCAS tools are comprehensive to scale the impacts and How donors and stakeholders can reach the US$ 7 billion global investment needed to reach 300 million small scale farmers by 2030.

According to CFAP’s founder and managing, strengthening farmers’ organisations is key to reach the sustainable agriculture, thus to engage small scale farmers in the communication systems such as App, thus to enable farmers, especially small scale farmers to get access to information exchanges with sustainability. “No one know the difficulties of farmers than farmers themselves”. For more information, please go to the link and