Young farmers urgently need your support now to be ready for tomorrow!

Why don’t you encourage them to work on agriculture with better profits to produce healthy food to feed people?. Why don’t you add more budget directly for smallholders and farmers’ organisation at the country level that play a very crucial role to overcome challenges of COVID-19 and climate change? and Why don’t you help building higher education for young farmers? Our very young farmers have expressed their braveness with high commitments and interests in agriculture.

Cambodian farmers are aging, and it is required to modernise and transform agriculture to enable aging farmers to work on farms better with proper profits and encouraging young farmers to take better and better and better role. At the same time, in particular in this decade farmers, especially smallholder farmers should have been supported properly with higher education, better access to finance to run their farming businesses and clear policy to support farming families, farmers’ organisations and farming communities. We urgently need your support.