November and December are the rice harvested seasons in Cambodia in big volume (rainy rice season), then following by March till May for second rice harvest in small volume (dry rice season). Normally, rice field looks like a yellow carpet which you can see everywhere in the rural Cambodia which grow by smallholders. The prices of wet normal and fragrant rice can be varied from 900Riels to 1500Riels prior COVID-19, but now it seems difficult to sell to clients because smallholders depend mostly on traders to purchase their paddy for milling white rice for sale. In order to ensure that farmers are profitable, therefore the producer associations and cooperatives needed capital to expand their production including construction of warehouses,  buying small and or medium rice mills and their small scale businesses at the sub-national farmers’ associations/cooperatives, especially during this COVID-19 and Post COVID-19.

CFAP is working on value chain, thus we engaged producers with traders and big buyers. We also worked to link inputs suppliers with producer associations and coops.