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Case studies of farmers (FEDA)

16684441_1277583348977175_2002728008_nEven though, she become a member of specialized producer group on poultry production, Sok Houn a farmer live in Trok village, Kampong Chamlang commune, Svay Chrum district, Svay Rieng province, aged 42 years old and her husband Tep Sok, age 53 years old both of them are members of CFAP Cambodia with the Family Economic Development Association (FEDA). They have four children live in their burden. The Mediuam Term Cooperation Programme (MTCP2) AFOSP came to her village in 2014 with capacity building of committee members to become specialised accordingly, further to strengthening of farm¬¬ers’ network and enabling farmers access to policy. In 2016 the Houn’s family received specific technical training on chicken rearing from FEDA under MTCP2-AFOSP Cambodia. I used to raise chicken in traditional practice with high risk and the death rate is also very high annually, siaf Houn. After receiving technical training, I know how to raise chicken technically with low risk. I know how to produce organic chicken feed by using existing materials around my house and in villages, thus to saved some money for animal feed by producing more with less and chicken is also growing faster compared to normal practice. With a start up of 6 chicken from MTCP2 i.e. 5 hens and 1 cock, now I have 20 chicken. After 6 months, I sold some 11Kg, it is about 165,000Riels or US$41.25 compared to commercial chicken, organic chicken could sell with better price. A kilogramme of organic chicken cost 15,000Riels or US$3.75 in average while commercial chicken cost only about 12,000Riels per kilograme or US$3. Anyhow, she also expressed her concerns related to quick changes of climate that could cause diseases and death of her chicken, especially in dry season while she has limited budget to improve her chicken house technically, said Houn.
I also grow rice and vegetable as well as few cows for draught and also sale when needed for additional income to support the family. It is very important for rural and smallholder farmers to diversify incomes to support the family, said Houn. Because of this farming, I could survive the family.
I believe with new technical practice, my chicken will increase more and more in the future, so I will not migrate from the village to find job in the city. I am happy to raise organic chicken and also growing rice and vegetable for sale for additional incomes to support the family. Diversification of family income from agriculture is very important for rural smallholder farmers.

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