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CFAP-Cambodia's Missions

Participation in International Meetings of CFAP-Cambodia


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17-20 Sep- 2001 Hidden,
IFAP Asian Committee Meeting IFAP Tokyo, Japan International
14-15 Sep-2002 Hidden 2nd AFGC Special Seminar IFAP Bangkok, Thailand International
9-15 Jun-2003 Hidden,
Young Farmers Congress IFAP Paris, France World
7-12 Jul-2003 Hidden
IFAP Asian Farmers Committee IFAP Colombo, Sri Lanka International
19-21 Nov-2003 Hidden
International Conference on Women in Agriculture IFAP Manila, Philippines International
29 May-4 Jun-2004 Hidden,
Sok Sotha
36th World Farmers Congress IFAP Washington DC, USA World
10-15 May-2005 Sok Sotha IFAP Asian Farmers Committee IFAP Seoul, Korea International
9-10 Dec-2005 Sok Sotha,
Asian Farmers Meeting IFAD Manila, Philippines International
13-20 May- 2006 Sok Sotha,
37th World Farmers Congress IFAP Seoul, Korea World
16-18 May- 2007 Sok Sotha Asian Farmers Meeting IFAD Bangkok, Thailand International
26-28 Jul -2007 Sok Sotha 2nd World Congress of Young Farmers IFAP Buenos Aires, Argentina World
30 Oct- 4 Nov- 2007 Sok Sotha IFAP Executive Committee Meeting IFAP Bangkok, Thailand International
5-10 Nov- 2007 Sok Sotha IFAP Asian Farmers Committee Meeting IFAP Ha Noi, Vietnam International
10-14 February- 2008 Sok Sotha IFAD Farmers' Forum 2008 IFAD Rome, Italy World
15-17 April-2008 Sok Sotha
Tith Dany
IFAP World Development Report IFAP/ Asean Foundation Makati city, Philippines Asian level
24 April-2008 Hidden IFAP Specialized group discussion on Biodiversity IFAP Paris, France International
29 May-4 June- 2008 Sok Sotha,
38th World Farmers Congress IFAP Warsaw, Poland World
11-19 August-2008 1. Hidden
2. Hidden
3. Kong Savoeun
4. Hidden
5. Pao Suy
6. Mey Min
7. Hidden
8. Sok Sotha
Exposure visit of farmers leaders and staff of CamFAD to FFF and FFFCI (coop) Agriterra Manila, Davao Phillippines, hosted by FFF International
27-29 October, 2008 Sok Sotha
Tith Dany
IFAP Women Committee Meeting IFAP Yeravan, Armenia Asian
29 March to 3 April 2009 Hidden
Tith Dany
Sok Sotha
IFAP Asian Regional committee meeting IFAP Siem Reap, Cambodia Asia
12-13 May, 2009 Sok Sotha IFAD Grant Mid Term Collaboration Programmes for Asia and the Pacific IFAD Bangkok, Thailand Asia and the pacific
26-29 May-2009 Sok Sotha IFAP Executive committee meeting and climate change discussion IFAP Copenhagen, Denmark World
4-6 October-2009 Sok Sotha IFAP Asian Board Meeting IFAP Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
4-10 July-2010 Sok Sotha Pre-Forum/CSO side event, ADB/FAO/IFAD Investment Forum and Southeast Asia and China Project Steering Committee (SC) meeting IFAD/FAO Manila, Philippine Asia and the pacific
26-30 Sep-2010 Sok Sotha CSO parallel consultation in conjunction with the 30th FAO Asia and the Pacific Regional Conference FAO Gyeongju, Republic of Korea Asia and the pacific
7-13 November-2010 Sok Sotha
Financial Management Training AGRITERRA Manila, Philippine SEA
28-29 Nov-2010 Sok Sotha MTCP Sub-regional steering committee meeting IFAD-FAORAP Bangkok, Thailand Asia and the pacific
18-21 April-2011 Sok Sotha
Ken Yaim
Im Vanney
An Sarun
First sub-regional farmers' forum consultation IFAD-FAORAP Jakarta, Indonesia Southeast Asia plus China
16-17 June-2011 Sok Sotha World Farmers' Event FNSEA &
Jeunes Agriculture JA
Paris, France World
5-6 September-2011 Sok Sotha
Kong Savoeun
An Sarun
First sub-regional consultation and policy workshop IFAD-FAO MTCP, Bangkok, Thailand ASEAN
03-06 October-2011 Sok Sotha

ASEAN Food Security Conference. "Facilitating Food Trade and Investment, Advancing Food Security

IFAD-FAO Jakarta, Indonesia ASEAN
04-06 October-2011 Hidden Regional workshop_young farmers MIJARC Colombo, Sri Lanka Asia
19-21 October-2011 Hidden Sub-regional capacity building workshop IFAD-FAORAP Chiang Mai, Thailand Asia and the pacific
28-30 Nov-2011 Sok Sotha Second sub-regional workshop on policies to support farmers' organization in climate change mitigation and adaptation IFAD/FAO Pakse, Loa PDR Southeast Asia plus China
07-09 Dec-2011 Sok Sotha First MTCP Regional Steering Committee Meeting and Extraordinary Meeting of SEA plus China Steering Committee IFAD/FAO Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia plus China
18-19 Jan-2012 Sok Sotha Participatory Meeting PM CSO Consultation IFAD/FAO Hanoi, Vietnam Asia Pacific
19-24 Feb-2012 Sok Sotha Fourth World Farmer Forum, IFAD IFAD Rome, Italy World
10-11 Mar-2012 Sok Sotha CSO Consultation IFAD/FAO Hanoi, Vietnam Asia
06-07 Jul-2012 Sok Sotha
Regional Conference on "Cooperative Transformation into the Era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)" On the occasion of International Year of Cooperatives and the 90th Celebration of International Cooperative Day CFAP Bangkok, Thailand ASEAN
3-7 Sep-2012 Hidden
Regional Training Programme on " Implementing GAP in Fruit and Vegetable
Sector, Its Certification and Accredition",
IFAD/FAO Bangkok, Thailand Asia and the pacific
17-22 Sep-2012 Hidden
Hem Sovannaleak
An Sarun
Kong Savoeun
Yin Kemli
Nguon Lay
Study visit IFAD/FAO under MTCP Hanoi, Vietnam ASEAN
26-28 Sep-2012 Hidden GFRAS Annual Meeting "The role of rural advisory service in Agricultural Innovation System GFRAS Manila, Philippine Global Forum
25-31 Oct-2012 Hidden Regional Workshop cum Structured Learning Visit (SLV) on Successful Contract Farming Models and Cross Border Trade Mekong Institute Khon Kaen, Thailand Regional
28-30 Oct-2012 Sok Sotha
An Sarun
Chhuon Sarin
Sub-regional farmer' forum IFAD/FAO under MTCP Nanning, China SEA plus China
17-19 Dec-2012 Sok Sotha
Regional Steering Committee Meeting IFAD/FAO under MTCP Bangkok, Thailand SEA plus China
14-18 April-2013 Sok Sotha
WFO-WMO joint workshop on climate change services for farmers and WFO General Assembly WFO-WMO Niigata, Japan World
7-11 Oct-2013 Sok Sotha
Committee on World Food Security CFS Week and WFO Side Events FAO of the United Nations and World Farmers’ Organisation Rome, Italy International
28 Oct to 2 Nov 2013 Hidden Regional Workshop cum Structured Learning Visit (SLV) on Successful Contract Farming Practices Mekong Institute Khon Kaen, Thailand Regional
23-24 Nov 2013 Hidden MTCP2 Launch and Start-Up Workshop IFAD/AFA Bangkok, Thailand Regional
29 Nov-2013 Sok Sotha
International Conference on Family Farming “A dialogue toward more sustainable and resilient farming in Europe and the world” European Commission Brussels, Belgium International
11-12 Feb-2014 Hidden MTCP Sub-regional Steering Committee Meeting IFAD/AFA Manila, Philippines SEA plus China
15-20 Feb-2014 Sok Sotha
5th Global Meeting of the Farmers' Forum, in conjunction with 37th session of IFAD's Governing Council IFAD Rome, Italy Global
4-6 Mar-2014 Hidden Global Forum and Expo on family farming FAO in Europe Budapest, Hungary International
10-14 Mar-2014 Sok Sotha
FAO Regional Workshop FAO Ulan Bator, Mongolia Regional
16-23 Mar-2014 Sok Sotha


Training on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Agriterra Manila, Philippines Regional
24-28 Mar-2014 Hidden 4th WFO General Assembly WFO Buenos Aires, Argentina World
15-22 June-2014 Hidden
Regional Workshop Cum Structured Learning Visit On Successful Contract Farming Practice Mekong Institute Khon Kaen,
17-21 June-2014 Sok Sotha
Consultative Meeting on Climate Smart Agriculture FAO Hanoi, Vietnam Regional
24-29 June-2014 Hidden
Regional Project Committee Meeting We Effect Hanoi, Vietnam Regional
4-5 Sept-2014 Yap Thoeurn
International Young Farmers’ Summit Jeunes Agriculteurs Bordeaux, France International
16-19 Sept-2014 Hidden The 1st annual meeting of the
Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery (ANTAM),
CSAM Beijing, China Regional
18-23 Oct-2014 Hidden
An Sarun
Regional Steering Committee Meeting IFAD/AFA Hanoi, Vietnam Regional
23-24 Oct-2014 Yap Thoeurn
Forum on Communication for Development and Community Media for Family Farming FAO Rome, Italy International
27-28 Oct-2014 Sok Sotha The Global Dialogue on Family Farming FAO Rome, Italy International
27 Nov-2014 Sok Sotha International Year of  Family Farming Closing Session FAO Manila, Philippine International
5-7 Dec- 2014 Hidden
Ken Yaim
Harvesting Experiences, Challenges, and Opportunities on Seeds in Asia and the Pacific IFAD/AFA Quezon, Philippine Regional
9-14 Dec- 2014 Hidden Training on Women Farmer Learning on Entrepreneurship IFAD/AFA Ahmedabad, India Regional
20-23 Jan- 2015

Sok Sotha

Training Workshop on Financial Management and M&E of MTCP2 IFAD/AFA Jakarta, Indonesia Regional
10-11 Feb- 2015

Yap Thoeurn

3rd SATNET Policy Dialogue on ‘The Role of Technology Transfer in Agriculturefor Sustainable Development Outcomes CAPSA Bogor, Indonesia Regional
4-8 May- 2015

Sok Sotha

Leadership Enhancement Action Programme (LEAP+)
18-24 May- 2015

Sok Sotha

Regional Workshop Cum Structured Learning Visit On Successful Contract Farming Models Mekong Institute Khon Kaen,
23-28 June- 2015

Sok Sotha

5th World farmers' organization General Assembly World Farmers’ Organisation Rome, Italy World
13-18 February, 2016

Sok Sotha

Farmers’ Forum in conjunction with the thirty-ninth session of IFAD’s Governing Council

Rome Italy

4-7 March, 2016

Yan Lay

CSO consultation workshop in conjunction with 33rd Asia Pacific Regional Conference (APRC)
28 Mar-3 Apr, 2016

An Sarun

ASEAN Learning Route ASEAN Foundation

Thailand and Philippine

2-10 May- 2016

Sok Sotha

6th World farmers' organization General Assembly World Farmers’ Organisation Livingstone

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